Are Egg Chairs Worth It?

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As we continue to spend more and more of our leisure time in the garden, striking the right balance between looks and practicality when it comes to garden furniture has never been so important. Your choice of outside furniture can make or break a space. And one recent trend that shows no sign of slowing down is the popularity of outdoor hanging egg chairs.

I had always wanted an hanging egg chair and this spring I finally took the plunge and bought one. So, four months on, was it worth it? Here are my first hand experiences of egg chair ownership so far!

Available in many different shapes and sizes, outdoor hanging egg chairs act as great focal points and can definitely be worth it if you want to inject a shot of style into your patio or garden space. The right egg chair will make a comfortable and relaxing place to unwind and rejuvenate. There are some downsides to keep in mind though – they can be expensive to buy, can take up a lot of space and will need to be looked after and protected from the elements.

Lets start by looking at the different types and sizes of outdoor hanging egg chairs available.

Types and Sizes of Egg Chair

One, Two or Three People?

Hanging egg chairs are available in single, double or even triple sizes – for either one, two or three people.

Double Egg Chair

Overall Dimensions

The overall physical sizes of egg chairs vary from model to model so it is important to double check the dimensions of both the chair and the area that you want to locate it in so that you can be sure of a good fit.

Seating Cage Dimensions

Another aspect to pay close attention to is the size and height of the seating cage. If you are tall, be sure to buy an egg chair that you can fit into easily as head height and overall space in the seating cage can vary from chair to chair depending on the design. For example, the egg chair shown below tapers in at the top meaning less head room.

Single Egg Chair

The best advice is to try them out in a shop before committing to a purchase.


The most popular egg chair colours are brown and grey. Personally I opted for grey, but if you want something a little different it is just a matter of shopping around. I have seen egg chairs in white, yellow and green to name but a few!

Pros of Egg Chairs – Why They Can Definitely be Worth It

+ An Instant Focal Point

One of the great things about egg chairs is that they are relatively quick to install and can give your garden a more or less instant focal point – helping to create a bang up to date, modern look. Why not use an egg chair to help transform your garden patio space?

+ Comfort

There is a reason that egg chairs are associated with comfort.

They mostly come equipped with plush, soft cushioning. When you are sitting in an egg chair they can envelop your body – giving a cozy, warm and enclosed feeling. Add to that the ability to swing gently and you begin to get an idea of the feeling of serenity that an egg chair can provide.

By their very design, the sitting position in egg chairs has limited potential for adjustment. That said, on most chairs it is possible to adjust the height of the seat from the floor by altering the length of the chain used to attach it onto the main stand:

Added to that, it is also easy to add additional support (and style) to the seat if required by accessorising with extra cushions!

+ Versatility

Single egg chairs are fairly easy to move around and can be relocated as needed – great if you want to stay in either sun or shade all day, or maybe just fancy a change of scenery!

Outdoor egg chairs can also be used inside (although you will need the space to accommodate one). So even when the dark and cold winter nights are upon us you will still be able to let the stresses of the day dissipate whilst being comfortably cocooned by your chair in the warmth of your home!

Cons of Egg Chairs – Things to Keep in Mind

– Price

The first drawback of egg chairs is the price – starting at around £200 GBP and going upwards, egg chairs can be expensive. It is normally a case of “you get what you pay for” and as long as you look after your egg chair you can expect it to last for many years.

– Assembly

Upon delivery, most egg chairs will require a degree of self assembly.

When I assembled my egg chair the instructions were fairly self explanatory and it was done within 10 minutes, and I am no self assembly expert.

– Security

It is now fairly common for people to have high value items in gardens such as BBQs and furniture. Add up the cost of replacing these items and you will most likely be looking at a bill running into the thousands. So security is an important consideration!

There are some simple steps that you can take to reduce the risk of any potential garden thefts such as ensuring that your garden valuables are securely stored overnight, locking garden gates and installing security lighting.

– Storage

Aside from the question of security, it is best to take steps to protect your egg chair from the elements when it is not in use.

The most susceptible part of an egg chair to damage is not the stand but the seating section and cushions. The seating cages are typically manufactured from a metal frame with rattan material woven around them with cushions placed within. Repeated exposure to wind and rain can significantly reduce their lifespan.

Although cushions may be labelled as “water resistant” and be able to withstand light rain, I have taken the approach of storing both the seating cage and cushions inside when not in use so as to keep them in as good a condition as possible.

If you are unable to store your chair either inside or undercover when not in use, another option worth considering is to use a waterproof hanging egg chair cover – this will protect both the seating cage and stand in situ. Check out this waterproof egg chair cover on Amazon.

This is the Egg Chair That I Bought

After much research I decided to buy a grey foldable egg chair:

Grey Foldable Egg Chair

One of the main reasons that I opted for this chair was that it is collapsible and folds flat. This is an unusual design and at the time of looking was the only one of its kind I could see on the market. It makes storage a breeze – with no cumbersome seating section it is ideal if you are short on space!

Folded Egg Chair – Easy to Store!

Over the first 4 months of ownership the egg chair has fully met my expectations and has definitely been worth it. The cushion is super comfortable and there is plenty of space and head room for my height (6ft). I have spent hours relaxing in it and it is now my go to chair! The colour blends in perfectly with the rest of my garden and the egg chair works brilliantly as a feature in its own right.

To see more information and reviews on this egg chair specifically, follow this link to Amazon.

So Now You Know…

Hopefully this has given you an insight to the pros and cons of outdoor hanging egg chairs so that you are now in a better position to make a decision on whether a hanging egg chair will be worth it for you.