Bay Trees

How to Repot a Bay Tree

Bay trees are especially suited to being grown in containers but over time they can become root bound and need re potting.

Why are There Black Spots on my Bay Tree Leaves?

Having grown a bay tree in a pot for over 5 years, with relative success, I noticed in early spring 2023 that black spots had started to appear on some of the leaves. So, I started looking into the the possible causes and remedies for this. I wanted to restore my bay tree back to full health as quickly as possible!

Why Have my Bay Tree Leaves Turned Brown?

I have been growing a bay tree in a pot for several years now and I noticed in early spring that, although many of the leaves did appear green and healthy, a significant number were damaged and had started to turn brown. As bay trees are evergreen, this concerned me.

How to Revive a Bay Tree

Bay tree not looking its best? Discover how to keep your bay tree looking great so that you can continue to enjoy it for many years to come!