Will Slate Chippings Stop Slugs?

Protecting plants from pests such as slugs is a problem that all gardeners face. I have tried using slate chippings as a protective barrier around vulnerable plants. So, will slate chippings stop slugs?

Are Egg Chairs Worth It?

As we continue to spend more and more of our leisure time in the garden, striking the right balance between looks and practicality when it comes to garden furniture has never been so important. Your choice of outside furniture can make or break a space. And one recent trend that shows no sign of slowing down is the popularity of outdoor hanging egg chairs.

Are Cheap Wooden Sheds Any Good? (5 Things to Check)

Wooden sheds can be an ideal solution when you are short of storage space for your garden and general outdoor equipment. If you have been looking at new sheds recently you will have noticed that there is a large range available with an equally large range of price tags.

Do Slate Chippings Stop Weeds?

I have recently been carrying out some work to create a garden seating area using 20mm blue slate chippings. During the planning stages of this work I had to consider how slate chippings would perform as a solution, and how I could best to prevent weeds growing through. Here is what I have learned about slate chippings and weeds.

Should I Paint my Shed Grey?

Although the primary function of most sheds is to provide storage space, they are in fact an important component of your overall garden design. If you are searching for easy ways to make high impact changes to the look and feel of your garden then the humble shed is a great place to start!

Do Water Features Attract Rats?

As well as being a focal point or centrepiece, water features can attract an array of wildlife as they act as a source of food and water. But could this be a problem? Could they attract the “wrong sort” of wildlife, such as rats?

How do You Create a Garden Seating Area on a Budget?

Creating an outside seating area is like adding an extra room to your home. Done well, it can massively enhance the visual appeal and practicality of your garden space. A seating area can open up a whole new world of possibilities – from al fresco dining and entertaining groups of friends through to simply providing somewhere quiet to relax and and enjoy your garden in peace. But there is a sting in the tail: it all comes at a cost.