Is it Easy to Grow Jade Plants from Leaves and Cuttings?

After pruning my Jade plant recently, I was left with many leaves and stem cuttings. Instead of just wasting them by throwing them away, I asked myself whether I could use them to propagate new Jade plants, and how easy that would be?

How to Revive a Heather Plant

I have been growing a Calluna heather plant in the same pot for several years now. And I have noticed recently that it is not looking its best.

Why Won’t My Jade Plant Stand Up?

I was recently given a Jade plant that was in a fairly bad way as it could not stand up on its own. I carried out some research to find out about the causes and solutions to this problem with Jade plants.

Do Privet Hedges Lose Leaves in Winter?

I have a large 3 metre high privet hedge in my garden. I have noticed that it’s thickness seems to significantly reduce over the winter months, with a lot of the leaves falling to the ground. This made me think: is it normal for privet hedges to drop leaves during winter, or is it a sign that there is something wrong?

Can Cordyline ‘Red Star’ Survive Frost Damage?

My Cordyline australis ‘Red Star’ has flourished since I got it around 5 years ago. After a prolonged cold snap in the UK this winter, with temperatures down to -10 in my area, it has sustained some severe frost damage. All of the leaves at the top of the stem have completely collapsed and turned brown. I am concerned that the plant may have died.

Why Has my Hydrangea Gone Black All Over?

Autumn in the UK this year has been notably mild and has been followed by a prolonged period of cold – including severe overnight frosts with temperatures dropping below -10.
During this cold weather I noticed that my hydrangea leaves had turned a very dark black colour all over.

Where Can You Get Cheap Plants? (7 Top Tips)

Filling your garden with the plants that you want at a price you can afford is a challenge that many of us will be all too familiar with. If you want to cut the cost of planting this year, be sure to check out these top 7 tips on where to find cheap plants!