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I’m Stevo, a keen gardener based in the UK. I created to share with you some of the knowledge that I have gained through my gardening experience over the years. During that time I have used many different gardening products, some better than others….

I have listed some of the best that I have come across below – why not check them out!

  1. Slug X – Slug and snail trap
  2. Invisible pot feet

1. Slug X – Slug and snail trap

Beer traps can be both an effective and environmentally friendly method of removing slugs and snails from your garden.

The best beer trap that I have come across is the Slug X trap. This trap can be used on any flat surface (including patios) and I have had a lot of success with it. You just need to fill up the beer wells fully and remember to clean it out regularly.

It is usually quite popular 🙂

One night’s catch

The results above were achieved using own brand supermarket lager – nothing too expensive! If you are experiencing an infestation of slugs and snails why not try a Slug X trap out?

Slug X traps are available on Amazon here:

For more handy tips on how to keep slugs and snails under control follow the link my post below:

Why is my garden full of slugs? (7 ways to keep them under control)

2. Invisible pot feet

To help ensure good drainage for plants growing in pots and containers it is advisable to raise them slightly off the ground. By doing this it not only allows excess water to drip freely from the pot but it also reduces the chance of drainage holes becoming blocked and furthermore helps protect against the possibility of insect infestation.

An easy way of evenly raising pots and containers off the ground is to use pot feet. The pot feet that I have been using for years are manufactured from a very sturdy and durable rubber and have a non slip surface that helps keep pots stable and held in place. They are purposely designed to be “invisible” so are hardly noticeable when in use:

Using pot feet to raise the height of my container grown bay tree

You can vary the height of your pots by using more or less pot feet, depending on requirements. In the picture above I have used 6 pot feed in total (3 blocks of 2).

Take a look at them on Amazon below!