Why Have my Bay Tree Leaves Turned Brown?

I have been growing a bay tree in a pot for several years now and I noticed in early spring that, although many of the leaves did appear green and healthy, a significant number were damaged and had started to turn brown. As bay trees are evergreen, this concerned me.

Is it too Late to Grow Runner Beans?

Most of us lead busy lives and things don’t always go to plan. So, if you have been meaning to start off your runner beans for a while now but haven’t yet got round to it, you may be worried that you have left it too late…

Do Privet Hedges Lose Leaves in Winter?

I have a large 3 metre high privet hedge in my garden. I have noticed that it’s thickness seems to significantly reduce over the winter months, with a lot of the leaves falling to the ground. This made me think: is it normal for privet hedges to drop leaves during winter, or is it a sign that there is something wrong?

Can Cordyline ‘Red Star’ Survive Frost Damage?

My Cordyline australis ‘Red Star’ has flourished since I got it around 5 years ago. After a prolonged cold snap in the UK this winter, with temperatures down to -10 in my area, it has sustained some severe frost damage. All of the leaves at the top of the stem have completely collapsed and turned brown. I am concerned that the plant may have died.

Do Indoor Chilli Plants Attract Flies?

I have recently moved my chilli plant indoors now that the UK winter is approaching in an effort to extend the fruiting season and ensure a supply of freshly grown chillis all year round. In doing this, I have come across an unexpected problem: I started to notice the presence of lots of tiny black flies all around the plant.

Why Has my Hydrangea Gone Black All Over?

Autumn in the UK this year has been notably mild and has been followed by a prolonged period of cold – including severe overnight frosts with temperatures dropping below -10.
During this cold weather I noticed that my hydrangea leaves had turned a very dark black colour all over.

Will Slate Chippings Stop Slugs?

Protecting plants from pests such as slugs is a problem that all gardeners face. I have tried using slate chippings as a protective barrier around vulnerable plants. So, will slate chippings stop slugs?

Where Can You Get Cheap Plants? (7 Top Tips)

Filling your garden with the plants that you want at a price you can afford is a challenge that many of us will be all too familiar with. If you want to cut the cost of planting this year, be sure to check out these top 7 tips on where to find cheap plants!

What are the Black Bugs on my Runner Beans?

Having decided to grow runner beans this year, I was concerned when I saw several areas of black bug infestations on both the stems and on the underside of the runner bean leaves. So I set about trying to find out exactly what these black bugs were, why they were there and how I could best get rid of them.

Growing Runner Beans in Containers: How Deep are Runner Bean Roots?

If you only have a very small garden, or maybe just a balcony, and are looking to grow runner beans in containers, how do you create the best growing environment to ensure a strong and healthy crop? Here we will take a look at the ideal conditions that runner beans need in order to survive and thrive!