Growing Broad Beans in Containers: How Deep are Broad Bean Roots?

If you only have a very small garden, or maybe just a balcony, and are looking to grow broad beans in containers, how do you create the best growing environment to ensure a strong and healthy crop? Here we will take a look at the ideal conditions that broad beans need in order to survive and thrive!

Are Egg Chairs Worth It?

As we continue to spend more and more of our leisure time in the garden, striking the right balance between looks and practicality when it comes to garden furniture has never been so important. Your choice of outside furniture can make or break a space. And one recent trend that shows no sign of slowing down is the popularity of outdoor hanging egg chairs.

Are Cheap Wooden Sheds Any Good? (5 Things to Check)

Wooden sheds can be an ideal solution when you are short of storage space for your garden and general outdoor equipment. If you have been looking at new sheds recently you will have noticed that there is a large range available with an equally large range of price tags.

Can Runner Beans Survive Winter in the UK?

I am a keen grower of runner beans and have recently been asking myself whether it is possible for them to survive UK winters and come back year after year. Here is what I’ve found out.

Do I Need a Gardener in the Winter? (Top 6 Winter Jobs)

Although things noticeably quieten down, gardeners are still needed during the winter. Important jobs like repair and maintenance, digging, weeding, tidying, pruning, cutting back, mulching and planting all need to be carried out to ensure that gardens are ready for spring.

Do Slate Chippings Stop Weeds?

I have recently been carrying out some work to create a garden seating area using 20mm blue slate chippings. During the planning stages of this work I had to consider how slate chippings would perform as a solution, and how I could best to prevent weeds growing through. Here is what I have learned about slate chippings and weeds.

Why is my Garden Full of Slugs? (7 Ways to Keep Them Under Control)

I’ve been a keen gardener for many years and have been experiencing a problem recently that many will be familiar with: a growing slug population that is slowly working its way through eating my fruit, veg and plants. So I’ve been looking into what attracts slugs in the first place, as well as finding out about the best ways to keep the slug population in my garden under control.

Should I Grow Runner Beans or Broad Beans?

When it comes to beans, there are several different types that you can grow. At first glance it can be confusing as to the difference between them, and which type is best suited to you. Read on to discover more about runner beans and broad beans, so that you can make an informed decision on which is the best bean for you to grow!